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What leaders need to know about Brand Reputation

What leaders need to know about Brand Reputation

Read 9 things leaders should understand about brand reputation here.

Leading an organisation means taking overall responsibility for its reputation, yet the dynamics of maintaining and protecting reputation aren’t always understood by CEOs. This article by one of our advisors Sue Rizzello outlines 9 facets of reputation.

With the behaviour of all organisations under the media microscope constantly, and markets making financial judgements and decisions based on reputation and social responsibility, it has never been more critical for leaders to take reputation leadership, protection and management seriously.  Reputation is external, integral, cumulative, human, social, connected, alive, vulnerable and intrinsically linked to the behaviours, activities and attitudes of leaders. Instead of taking the view that a reputation is something that a PR team can simply build for you, leaders are encouraged to understand that reputation is neither under their control, nor limited to what media and search engines see. It is as much an internal as an external issue, and understanding it is an essential precursor to effective marketing, and fundamental to organisational success.

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