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And Finally…

Articles, commentary and news

Mikal Khoso of Northeastern University thinks deluge of data that is set to rise steeply to 44 zettabytes by 2020.

So we thought it would be helpful to post just a few of the interesting articles we come across as we work through the world of corporate and institutional reputations and leadership.

Occasional blogs and LinkedIn posts about people, events, places, reputations and leadership. We try not to drown you in repetitive writing, but every now and then, something happens in the public, media and business sphere which catches our eye and makes us think attention must be paid…

Authenticity and public gaffs

Interesting that in this otherwise fascinating article in The Economist, the word 'authenticity' only came up once. If you're a boss of any sort (politics or business), your first step should be to get in touch with your own authenticity and check how aligned this

Panic and the absence of leadership

The Oxfam crisis in Haiti comes in two parts.The first is the horror of abuse of power in Haiti by Oxfam managers. The second is the woeful response from Oxfam's leadership which threatens to rock this hitherto respected institution's very existence. This is a crisis

Media use in the Arab world

I was interested to read a report on Northwestern Qatar's research it conducted during the summer of 2017 about the Arab world's take up of social media and news gathering behaviour. You can see my LinkedIn post here. More details of the research can be seen here