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What sets successful CEOs apart

What sets successful CEOs apart

Read what sets successful CEOs apart here

From Harvard Business Review’s May/June 2017 issue, interesting thoughts on the making of a successful CEO. HBR lists four key ingredients: decision-making, engaging with impact, ability to adapt proactively, and delivery. But some surprises emerge.

“…that virtually all CEO candidates had made material mistakes in the past, and 45% of them had had at least one major career blowup that ended a job or was extremely costly to the business. Yet more than 78% of that subgroup of candidates ultimately won the top job. In addition, we found that educational pedigree (or lack thereof) in no way correlated to performance: Only 7% of the high-performing CEOs we studied had an undergraduate Ivy League education, and 8% of them didn’t graduate from college at all.”



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