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Authenticity and public gaffs

Interesting that in this otherwise fascinating article in The Economist, the word 'authenticity' only came up once. If you're a boss of any sort (politics or business), your first step should be to get in touch with your own authenticity and check how aligned this

Panic and the absence of leadership

The Oxfam crisis in Haiti comes in two parts.The first is the horror of abuse of power in Haiti by Oxfam managers. The second is the woeful response from Oxfam's leadership which threatens to rock this hitherto respected institution's very existence. This is a crisis

Media use in the Arab world

I was interested to read a report on Northwestern Qatar's research it conducted during the summer of 2017 about the Arab world's take up of social media and news gathering behaviour. You can see my LinkedIn post here. More details of the research can be seen here

From change and transformation to sustainability

Any change in an organisation will need to be embraced, lived and supported by its most precious commodity, its people. While political and regulatory environments dictate the way businesses are run, it is a motivated, efficient and effective workforce then enables them to succeed. Like or

Think before you leap

Taking proactive steps to protect a brand and organisation's reputation against risk should be an integral part of the strategic planning process. After all, if no strategic plan is complete without an assessment of financial, operational, security and legal risks, why would the absence of

Moral authority and reputations

The world of corporate and national reputation is going through a whirlwind right now, even more so than usual. Read about two particular issues that have rather preoccupied my mind recently here One is the relationship between business and government and the other, going back to

Why women aren’t CEOs

When women act forcefully, research suggests, men are more likely to react badly. Read about it here. A Lean In/McKinsey & Company survey in 2016 of 132 companies and 34,000 employees found that women who negotiated for promotions were 30 percent more likely than men to be

Building frendships, drinking coffee

Glad to hear coffee is, after all, good for our health. Read about it here. It's always been good as staple accompaniment for chats, negotiations, intrigue. In the Arab world, it's always had a special place in the social and business culture. When I started to

Of introverts, extroverts and cultural norms

Read this article about show off leaders and cultural norms  I take two main thoughts from this article. The first is that rewarding show-offs favours certain personality types, assuming wrongly that having a loud voice is a key trait for a good leader. The second is